Anabolic fasting results

Here we go, Intermittent Fasting is not a diet plan, but to be more specific, it is a schedule of our diet plan . In intermittent fasting, you can continue your same food choices by just alternating the time of their consumption. By doing this, you achieve an accelerated rate of fat burning while putting on some serious lean muscles. Intermittent fasting benefits have not been extensively researched but still the scientific community supports it. This is majorly because of the studies conducted on animals. Though there are some researches made on humans, but the results are still in evolving stage.

DNA based repair mechanisms, stem cell-based regeneration, and autophagy of dead cells, debris, and amyloid beta plaques and tau protein, both of which are implicated in neurodegenerative diseases, are also promoted by fasting (2). Autophagy, the process of protein degradation and turnover of other cell constituents, is instrumental in maintenance of homeostasis. At the level of the brain, fasting enhances executive function and cognition, synaptic plasticity, neurogenesis, mitochondrial biogenesis, synthesis of neurotrophic factors, and ameliorates inflammation (1, 2).

I just want to say, for anyone who is thinking about trying Leangains but isn't sure, that intermittent fasting in the 16/8 style that Martin advocates has completely transformed my relationship with food, in a good way.

For me, it works like magic. It's like, as soon as I committed to doing it, I stopped experiencing food cravings. Stopped having self-control problems. I just know what I'm going to eat and when, and that's that.

I've always had a problem with eating for pleasure, eating when I'm bored, but there's just something about the 16/8 protocol that put a stop to that.

Like I said, it is like magic for me. It may not work like that for everybody. But, maybe it will for you, too.

Anabolic fasting results

anabolic fasting results


anabolic fasting resultsanabolic fasting resultsanabolic fasting resultsanabolic fasting resultsanabolic fasting results