Brassinosteroid signaling pathway

Research:  I am broadly interested in investigating novel strategies and refining existing restoration techniques that improve ecological sequestration of greenhouse gases in working landscapes and wild lands without significantly compromising on traditional restoration goals such as protecting biodiversity and safeguarding ecosystem services.  I would like to develop strategies of minimal intervention and disturbance that reduce the use of heavy machinery, herbicides, and chemical inputs to control cost and that are feasible in highly restricted or rugged areas such as designated Wilderness.  I hope to orient my research towards informing concrete policies and advocating for interagency and private-public coordinated action to protect the lands we depend on for our survival, quality of life, economy, and systems for these goals include grazed lands dominated by invasive annual grasses in California’s lower elevations and forest systems impacted by severe fire in the Sierra Nevada and California Coast ranges.

1. Metabolism
     Global/overview    Carbohydrate    Energy    Lipid    Nucleotide    Amino acid    Other amino    Glycan
     Cofactor/vitamin    Terpenoid/PK    Other secondary metabolite    Xenobiotics    Chemical structure
2. Genetic Information Processing
3. Environmental Information Processing
4. Cellular Processes
5. Organismal Systems
6. Human Diseases
7. Drug Development

BR might reveal to have a prominent interest in the role of horticultural crops. Based on extensive research BR has the ability to improve the quantity and quality of horticultural crops and protect plants against many stresses that can be present in the local environment. [16] [17] With the many advances in technology dealing with the synthesis of more stable synthetic analogues and the genetic manipulation of cellular BR activity, using BR in the production of horticultural crops has become a more practical and hopeful strategy for improving crop yields and success. [16]

Brassinosteroid signaling pathway

brassinosteroid signaling pathway


brassinosteroid signaling pathwaybrassinosteroid signaling pathwaybrassinosteroid signaling pathwaybrassinosteroid signaling pathwaybrassinosteroid signaling pathway