Folliculitis treatment steroids

I had folliculitis for about 18 months. I've been seeing doctors and dermatologists, who prescribed me cortisone, antibiotics and different lotions. All were temporary solutions. I found out myself that instead of trying to nuke it with these medicines, I went the other way and tried to soup up my immune system. I used vitamin A tablets and zinc tablets, as well as garlic and echinacea . I also rubbed vitamin E cream on my skin and Sudocrem (high zinc nappy rash cream) and this method finally beat it. Hope it helps someone else.

As i mentioned earlier, i think my immunity is the real cause of the problem. One day, i just decided to really change my lifestyle. I smoke about 2 sticks a day, don’t drink anymore, sleep at around 10pm (wake up 7-8 hours after for work) and do cardio and lifting weights almost everyday (5-6 days alternate routines, soaking up 2 shirts with my sweat for every workout day). Another bad habits i changed was not smoking anymore after brushing my teeth. I think this contributes a lot especially when you drool in bed and all those chemicals left on your mouth sticks into your hair thru the drool.

Folliculitis treatment steroids

folliculitis treatment steroids


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