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Jeff Crandall, a highly regarded researcher who is the director of the Center for Applied Biomechanics at University of Virginia and the principal scientist at Biocore, a Charlottesville firm, is overseeing the NFL's latest helmet project. The league declined to make Crandall available. During a meeting launching the "engineering road map" last year, Joel Stitzel, chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, said his group suggested making the study of so-called "subconcussive impacts" a potential research priority for the NFL.

Mr Given trains horses in Lincolnshire, and also serves on the ethics committee of the British Horseracing Authority. After the Godolphin scandal, should we all assume that everyone in racing is doping their horses? “I can quite understand anyone having that view of British horse racing right now. It’s very sad. Do I think it’s true? No, I do not, based on personal experience and the testing process, which is thorough. Thousands of horses are tested routinely every year and the number of positives is small.”

Godolphin horse steroids

godolphin horse steroids


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