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In your relationship with Holmes Healthcare, "Win, Win" is not just a phrase. It is a commitment to the relationship we share with you as our partners. Our personal goal is to establish a center of excellence which provides the highest standard of care and achieve the best outcomes for all patients involved in our programs. We stay equally committed to the interest of the hospital as a business partner by achieving the most efficient operation possible. We also feel that it is important to work with open minds and open hearts as challenges arise during the term of our agreement and beyond. Our intent is to have you reflect on this partnership in the future and be pleased that it exists.

In English law, abortion did not become illegal until 1803. English folk practice before and after that time held that fetal life was not present until quickening . "Women who took drugs before that time would describe their actions as 'restoring the menses' or 'bringing on a period'." [23] Abortifacients used by women in England in the 19th century (not necessarily safe or effective) included diachylon , savin , ergot of rye, pennyroyal , nutmeg , rue , squills , and hiera picra , [24] the latter being a mixture of powdered aloe and canella . [25]

Holmes on steroids

holmes on steroids


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