How to get big arms without steroids

Now, I realize that what I did was a “shock” routine; which broke me out of a rut. Now, as a regular schedule, I’d recommend training each bodypart with limited sets only every 4 to 5 days. But what I did worked. I had experimented with steroids at 18 for a few months; but never took them again. Never since before I turned 19. This “shock” routine worked BETTER than when I took that bottle of D-ball my firend at the gym had sold me. I did this routine at home. I made my own pully with rope from the hardware store and I made a “Scott” bench. I had 2, 4×4’s attached to a cross- board nailed to the studs up near the ceiling. The 4×4’s were about 40 inches apart and came down to the floor at a high angle. I had large holes drill about half-way into the 4×4’s so that I could place large bolts into them at different heights. I could also lay another 4×4 across, which I had rounded off and padded, and get between the wall and the rails to do my “Scott” curls. I put another board across the rails (high up) to attach a pully to. That was years ago; so you’ve come way too late to tell me that a natural guy can’t build big, cut arms. I did it; and most of that extra size lasted years afterwards, when I went back to normal training (though not as cut and impressive as when I followed this routine [my arm muscles didn’t “pop out” as much]). And I never took a steroid after my 18th year. I don’t mean to sound flippant; but “I KNOW” it can be done. You can get your arms past 16 inches naturally. I’m glad I didn’t read this article in a magazine years ago. I might not have even tried.

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How to get big arms without steroids

how to get big arms without steroids


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