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I have been working with a trial of Sapien PowerShell Studio 2016 for a few days and I enjoy the ease of creating a GUI. Making tools for others to use is something I am enjoying. The licences for this software is about 400 something bucks...too rich for my blood. I was also looking into PowerShell for Visual Studios Community Edition. I know there is a PowerShell add-on for create scripts but what about the GUI side of things. Can I use Visual Studios to make a GUI application without having to convert my script into VB first? I don't seem to be finding much on interwebs...Google you have let me down...You too YouTube.

Exchange Server 2013 and Exchange Server 2016 currently support concurrent connections to a single mailbox. This limit () is used by the Create- in conjunction with EstimatedNumberOfConcurrentUsers to determine the number of public folder mailboxes required to serve the public folder hierarchy. The current version of the script uses a coded limit of max 100 public folder mailboxes. This means that you can only serve 100 x = concurrent users accessing the public folder hierarchy.

Isesteroids free

isesteroids free


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