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Cuomo said said the state has "a three-point strategy" to develop its economy:

1. Reduce taxes by reducing state spending, which is the state’s “single greatest accomplishment.”

2. Invest in infrastructure. New York is spending $100 billion on infrastructure across the state, the most ambitious program in the United States right now. “We really are re-building and re-tooling this state for the future,” he said, with "new airports, new roads and new bridges."

3. A bottom-up economic development strategy, whereby local communities create their own plans and compete for state investment funds: the Downtown Revitalization Initiative.
“Watkins Glen is interesting and has phenomenal potential," he said. "You have what most communities would die for. You have volume. You have traffic... People are coming. You have the reverse issue, which is all this traffic and all these people. They need to eat. They need to sleep. You just need the economic activities that capitalize on the volume that you have.”

Anyway, three months ago, someone finally had the bright idea of doing an Implicit Association Test with political parties , and they found that people’s unconscious partisan biases were half again as strong as their unconscious racial biases (h/t Bloomberg . For example, if you are a white Democrat, your unconscious bias against blacks (as measured by something called a d-score) is , but your unconscious bias against Republicans will be . The Cohen’s d for racial bias was , by the book a “moderate” effect size; for party it was , a “large” effect size.

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Mike o'hearn talks steroids

mike o'hearn talks steroids


mike o'hearn talks steroidsmike o'hearn talks steroidsmike o'hearn talks steroidsmike o'hearn talks steroidsmike o'hearn talks steroids