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Richard Spencer, one of the most newly famous neo-Nazis, is another great example of someone who has shied away from the neo-Nazi label while obviously holding beliefs that match perfect with those of old school Nazis. Spencer coined the term “alt-right,” and though words can change and evolve over time, he was pretty clear about his intentions with the word. The term “alt-right” was a way to make the white supremacist movement more palatable, especially online. And it gave racists and fascists cover. They could echo the exact thoughts of neo-Nazis while they feigned offense that anyone dare call them one. They’re alt-right, they insist. Not neo-Nazi.

An operation that began as a seemingly obscure academic discussion three years ago is now becoming a full-blown propaganda campaign by some of the most powerful institutions in the industrialized world. This is what rightly should be termed the War on Cash. Like the War on Terror, the War on Cancer or the War on Drugs, its true agenda is sinister and opaque. If we are foolish enough to swallow the propaganda for complete elimination of cash in favor of pure digital bank money, we can pretty much kiss our remaining autonomy and privacy goodbye. George Orwell’s 1984 will be here on steroids ... To read further, click here

In nations where conventional access to the net is curtailed, Tor can be a lifeline for those trying to bypass censorship, acting as a virtual private network (VPN) on steroids. In 2005, for instance, a guide to using Tor, translated into Arabic and distributed in Mauritania, was credited with forcing the government to abandon web filtering wholesale . Nasser Weddady, who translated the guide, told the MIT technology review that it didn’t even matter if the officials didn’t know what Tor was: “They noticed that our communications were not disrupted, so the filtering was useless.”

Neo labs steroids

neo labs steroids


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