Post steroid panniculitis

Panniculitis can be a disease by itself or a manifestation of some underlying disease. Panniculitis is a caused by a broad range of diseases. It is classified based on the part of the fatty tissue involved and the involvement of blood vessels in the inflammation (vasculitis).  When the lobule of the fatty tissue is affected it is called lobular panniculitis. When the inflammation is mainly seen in septa, it is called septal panniculitis. But usually there is some extent of damage to both lobule and septa. Thus Panniculitis is broadly classified as : [ 1 , 3 , 4 ]

In the context that one major purpose of a staging system is to establish prognosis, attention has focused on the value of including weight (ie, body mass index [BMI]), dyspnea, and exercise capacity (ie, the 6-minute walk distance), with FEV 1 in staging COPD. 19 Indeed, the resultant index, called BODE (for BMI, obstruction, dyspnea, and exercise capacity) has been shown to better predict survival in COPD than FEV 1 alone. BODE scores of 0 to 10 (most impaired) are stratified into 4 quartiles, which discriminate mortality risk better than FEV 1 alone. Other multifactorial prognostic systems (eg, ADO [for age, dyspnea, and obstruction] and DOSE [for dyspnea, obstruction, smoking, and exercise capacity]) have also been proposed. 20,21

Post steroid panniculitis

post steroid panniculitis


post steroid panniculitispost steroid panniculitispost steroid panniculitispost steroid panniculitispost steroid panniculitis