Pre contest bodybuilding steroid cycle

This formula has never failed to work for myself or for any of my nutrition-coaching clients. I always lose 6-10 pounds with this plan (once I lost 14 lbs. between Sunday and the following Saturday). It's almost a drug-like effect. I've never had a problem with cramps. A word of warning: This protocol is designed for serious bodybuilders to achieve a temporary peak in cosmetic appearance for the day of a competition. If you have any metabolic disorders or health problems I wouldn't recommend this. Check with your physician if you're in doubt - but if you do, your doctor will probably have a fit: this can't be good for you and you'll feel like crap the whole week, but damn will you be SHREDDED!

To begin the program, utilize light weights and focus on technique. Ensure your form for every exercise is proper. Slowly increase the weight lifted, as you become more familiar with the PUSH, PULL, LEGS technique. To ensure you are utilizing the correct weight load for your fitness level, consider the following: when you wake up the next day, you should be slightly sore. If your muscles are sore throughout the day, your weight load needs to be decreased. If you wake up the next day and are not sore, then increase the weight load. Generally, the percentage of decrease or increase is 10-20% of the current weight so as to gradually build or decrease your weight load.

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Pre contest bodybuilding steroid cycle

pre contest bodybuilding steroid cycle


pre contest bodybuilding steroid cyclepre contest bodybuilding steroid cyclepre contest bodybuilding steroid cyclepre contest bodybuilding steroid cyclepre contest bodybuilding steroid cycle