Ventolin or steroid first

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Hi Armadillo I have some knowledge in this area - let me try and help - hopefully without confusing.

Becotide is a steroid - acts a preventer - some people are resistent to its effects
Ventolin is a fast acting bronchodilator which should be used for acute attacks, but its effects don't last particularly long hence it is a reliever .
Serevent - is a bronchodilator but although it acts for a long time (12hrs) it doesn't act quickly enough to relieve the symptoms of an acute asthma attack - hence it is a preventer
Seretide - contains serevent (slow onset, long acting bronchodilator) and a steroid - Hence is a preventer and should not actually be used as a releiver.

Advice from New Zealand patient information leaflet - (I couldn't get the UK version to open)

"Seretide should not be used to relieve a sudden attach of breathlessness or wheezing.

If you get this sort of attack you must use a quick acting inhaler (eg. Ventolin) also known as a reliever puffer."

<Back to my humble opinion>
BUT Ventolin and Serevent do exactly the same thing to the lungs and an overdose is what causes your shakes - so IMO I would try not to take them too close together, although as others have suggested it maybe of benefit to try and open the airways with ventolin before using Seretide - Maybe the ventolin 1st and then leave it an hour or so if you are still feeling the benefits of the ventolin after an hour?

HTH - please ask if you need clarification.

Ventolin or steroid first

ventolin or steroid first


ventolin or steroid firstventolin or steroid firstventolin or steroid firstventolin or steroid firstventolin or steroid first