Wean off topical steroids eczema

Hi Chloe,
It can take several days for your nose to “return to normal” after stopping oxymetazoline. Some people will only use it in one side of the nose each day, alternating sides for one day at a time, doing that over 3-4 days. This can improve your ability to breathe through your nose at night – at least one side, so you can sleep. Also consider using “hypertonic” nasal saline rinses to help decrease swelling of the nasal lining.
Best success! Not being able to breathe through your nose can be miserable.

Do you really mean from 7 to 5mg? That is NOT a slow reduction - any drop should be max 10% of the current dose to reduce the risks of steroid withdrawal pain and slow needs to start below 10mg if you have been on pred for any length of time. Once you are at that stage your body is about to have to start making its own steroid, cortisol, again. Above about 8mg (it varies) the body has no need to make more, the pred is enough, but then the adrenal glands and the entire feedback system that governs production has to wake up and set settled again - and that is said to take a month for every month you have been on pred, it goes on even after you have finished taking pred altogether.

I have had PMR for about 5 months which is developing slowly. I also am hoping to avoid steroids due to the side effects, and have been using Ibruprofen, which allows me to get on with my life. I am finding I need to gradually increase it - at the moment I am taking 400 mg in the morning and 200 mg in the evening, but am about to increase it to 400 mg at night, as sleep is becoming more uncomfortable. I am also using supplements such as Curcumin which has some positive findings about its effect on inflammation and vitamin B5 and vitamin d3. I am looking at diet too. I would be interested to hear from anyone else who has taken this route. How much Ibruprofen can be taken daily, how you are managing it. I wonder how Achingman is getting on.

Wean off topical steroids eczema

wean off topical steroids eczema


wean off topical steroids eczemawean off topical steroids eczema